I am a graduate of Walsh College of Business and Accountancy and have earned an undergraduate degree in Business and a Masters of Science in Taxation. I am an experienced tax professional with the knowledge and expertise to help you reduce your taxes and save money.

The tax law is complex and changes yearly. Are you ready to take advantage of the additional benefits available to you? Have you recently purchased or sold a house? Have you recently started a business? Have you gotten married or had children? If so, you are entitled to additional deductions and credits that you may not be aware of.

Serving Southeast Michigan, I offer a wide array of tax services for small to mid-size business owners and individuals. My fees are very reasonable. Please contact me for a free initial consultation.

I specialize in Individuals (1040), Small Business (Sch C), S Corporations (1120S), Partnerships (1065), Estate & Trust (1041), I have helped multiple clients save on their taxes and find refunds that they did not realize they were entitled to. I would like to ensure that you pay as little taxes as possible and get you all the refund that you deserve.
If you prepare your own taxes, you may be missing something, and you may be paying too much. Hiring a professional helps to ensure that you are taking advantage of all the tax benefits to which you are entitled.

You will benefit if you are self-employed, own a small business, or own a rental property because you may not realize what expenses are deductible, and could be missing out on big tax savings.

You will benefit if you have capital gains. Capital gains are potentially taxed at lower rates than other types of income.

You will benefit if you have had a major life change such as starting your own business, getting married, getting a new job, or starting a family. These situations (and many more) can lead to very large tax benefits.

You will benefit if you simply do not want to take hours or even days to fill out your own tax return.

Contact me today for a free consultation to see if you can benefit from the services of a professional tax consultant. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Douglas J. Fournier, BBA, MST, MM, RTRP, AFSP 
Home: 586-979-7326

* Specializes in tax preparation for a wide variety of clients:  

* Tax return filing and tax planning for individuals

* Tax preparation for small businesses

* Tax preparation for partnerships

* Corporate tax return filing

* Estate & Trust

* Electronic filing (e-file)

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